Everything about The Color

A color term (or color name) is a word or phrase that refers to a specific color. Different cultures have different terms for colors.

'Salmon', 'Rose', 'Saffron', and 'Lilac' are descriptive color words in English because their use as color words is derived from natural colors of salmon flesh, rose flowers, infusions of saffron pistils, and lilacs blossoms respectively.

Here we collect all kinds of color lists for inspired and motivated by Color Ideas.

500 Plus Colors of China

All aspects of traditional culture, including clothing, architecture, painting, jade, porcelain, crafts, etc., have been associated with colors, and they have also shown the past. People pay attention to color.

We listing here 526 colors, the original data collection from "色谱 Color Name Dictionary", published by Chinese Acadamy of Science in 1957.


250 Colors of Japan

Kimono, Ukiyo-e, Painting, Pottery, and Porcelain... The traditional colors of Japan are a collection of colors traditionally used in Japan.

Here listing 250 colors, data cited: “日本の伝統色 The Traditional Colors of Japan”. PIE BOOKS, 2007.